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At Westchester Puppies, nothing makes us happier than hearing from out past clients and how happy they are with their new additions. We are proud to share our heartwarming and sometimes hilarious reviews and photos with you. Enjoy!


August 19th, 2017

Thank you. We came and got our Stella from you guys today.she came home and met her brother Winston. They got along great.Winston came from your store 3 years ago.


Olivia Kitten form Westchester Puppies Reviews

Olivia Kitten form Westchester Puppies Reviews

Olivia Kitten form Westchester Puppies Reviews

Olivia Kitten form Westchester Puppies Reviews


August 2nd, 2017

Here is a picture of the female Maine Coon kitten I purchased from you on June 20, 2017. She already weights 6 lbs. interestingly, she started sucking on my arm (and using a mole as a nipple) a month ago. She is a beautiful and soft kitten.


Olivia Kitten form Westchester Puppies Reviews


Thank you!

Savannah!! ( and Gracie! They love each other already!)



Hello!I just wanted to say thank you again! It’s been 2 week since I got Olivia, the baby kitten before called “Origami” and she couldn’t be more loved.
She’s healthy, playful and happy, growing fast every second she naps (I’m attaching a picture of Ollie doing her favorite past time).I truly appreciate your help and patience to finally meet my perfect match. I’m absolutely recommending Westchester P&K to everyone!
Thank you very much,
Ana Gómez

Olivia Kitten form Westchester Puppies Reviews


This is my baby Frida. I’ve been with her for 5 months.
I hope you can put her on your website gallery .


Hi we’re out at dinner – I believe you may have called us a little while ago – but wanted to let you know that we took home one of your Bengals yesterday. We were on our way to Boston for the weekend and we stopped in just to look; we canceled our hotel for the weekend and went home with a new kitten instead. So far he’s fitting in with our Russian Blue pretty well, they’ve adjusted much better than we thought in such a short amount of time. He’s got a great personality and is very fun so far.Thanks!

Westchester Puppies Bengal Kitten Image Westchester Puppies Bengal Kitten


Hi – this is Sue here – wanted to let you know how the kitten, now named Phoebe is doing
She’s adjusting – cautiously but sweet and is a purring machine
She got a clean bill of health from her new vet ; is parasite and worm free; weighs 3.35 pounds – & is eating, peeing, pooping and most of all playing
Her favorite things are toys with bells, flashlights and laser lights and any kind of ball
Her favorite place today is the couch – was able to get up on it by herself – and loves to sleep in her carrier
Will update
Also Thank you guys – it’s because of the way you guys handled her that she is so good with people
So – Thank you!!!

Silver_Bengal_Kitten_image Silver_Bengal_Kitten Silver_Bengal_Kitten_Westchester


its official she’s home 😍 She’s is soo sweet we named her bella.. thank you 🙂
Have a great day! 🙂
Yorkie from Westchester Puppies Yorkie from Westchester Puppies Image


Happy Customer
I hope all is well. Attached are some pics of mugsy. 1 from in your store the day I got him and one from last week. As you can see he is doing well.Steven
Westchester Reviews Bulldog customer Westchester Reviews Bulldog customers
I just wanted to follow up with you all to let you know our baby made it back to Boston safely and has settled in perfectly !!

Bull dog Reviews

Luis Perea USMC OEF Veteran

Westchester Reviews page

We purchased our French bulldog, Pierre, from you 2-1/2 years ago and just wanted you to know that he is such an amazing dog. He is extremely friendly with people and all animals, never barks and has never messed in our home once since being trained. He has just brought us so much joy to our family and I wanted you to know how happy we are with him! Thank you for an amazing dog!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service I received yesterday. We are so in love with mugsy rupaw Farrell bates. He likes it here and so far he has not shown any signs of being nervous. Attached are some shots of him in his new home.

Westchester-Reviews-French bulldog Westchester-Reviews-French bulldog image

Sir Fluffy is now 2 and a half years old (born 7/7/14) and is the kitten of Persian dad Romeo and Maine Coon mom Lola, breeder Ms. Sky. Please share with Ms. Skye.Catherine
Persian kitten2 Persian kitten

Not sure if I sent this one out already but here is an update on one of the Peke boys from a while back. His name is Luigi and his friend Julian.

Just want to give u updates of my Bengal cat Achilles. He turned 1 year old this month. He’s such a beautiful cat. Thank you.

Bengal Kitten Reviews Bengal Kitten

Steven Farrell

westchester-reviews-english-bulldog-puppy westchester-english-bulldog-puppy

The puppy is amazing, she is such a wonderful part of our family. She fits in perfect with our family and our other dogs. I will keep you posted but we adore her. Thank you!

Happy Holidays

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Zelda and Patricia Pearson


From Evie P. And the Frazier family


Since we bought Scot he is the best

 Westchester Puppies and kittens reviews scot the puppy

Here’s a pic when we got him and a pic now. He’s the best thing to happen you our family. Thank You
The Zimmerman’s

Westchester Puppies and kittens customers puppies image Westchester Puppies and kittens customers puppies image2

Happy Birthday!!!

My beautiful Zelda is now an adult at one year old. She is still the playful and affectionate kitten I knew when I adopted her from Westchester Puppies. She goes wherever I go. She’s my travel companion. I am very grateful for having found your store.
Happy birthday Zelda!

Zelda image from Westchester Puppies and Kittens Zelda image from Westchester Puppies and Kittens 2

Sheldon is a handsome boy

Westchester Puppies and Kittens Reviews westchester-puppies-and-kittens-reviews2

Bengal kitten

Thank you so much for my kitten

Just wanted to send a quick update on these adorable adopted puppies. They found really great homes! Keep in touch!Amanda

Westchetser Puppies adopt a puppy

Say Hi!!!

Westchester Puppies and Kittens would like to share from our customers about the progress of their new pets.
Westchester Puppies and Kittens ImageJapanese Chin Puppy.
Evie says “Hi”! ☺

He is simply a joy!

maine coon kitten Image Main Coone Kitten
Hey how are you Stitch! I am sending you some updated pictures of Cody! He finally got neutered today as my vet recommended to do it when he was a year old! He is still as stunning as he was when we got him! He is simply a joy!

“Another Happy Customer”

Mini Schnauzer puppy purchased from us last week. 10/13/2016Adriana.

Mini Schnauzer puppy image

“Update of our puppy Mabel”

Here are some updates of the English bulldog. Now named Mabel =)
Westchester Puppies and Kittens Reviews

“I appreciate the good customer service.”

Our little boy is doing very well! We love him so much. His name is Brady. I wanted to thank you for all your help in this process, I appreciate the good customer service 🙂
Thank you,

Anastasia Nisyrios

“We have handsome little guy”

It’s been a week since we brought our Bernese puppy home from you guys.  We named him Romeo 🙂  I wanted to reach out and let you know that he is doing great and has adjusted to his new home very nicely.  He loves all people and dogs we run into.  He especially loves going to Puppy Playtime down the road at Dog Gone Smart here in Norwalk, CT.
We already love him so much and want to say thank you!!
Here’s a picture of our handsome little guy 🙂

Jeanmarie & Marty Gaudrault

“Happy Customer”

Thank You Westchester Puppies and Kittens!!
Reviews from Happy Customer from Westchester puppies

“Here she is!!!”

Callie’s personality is the best. Thank You!
Breed – Samoyed Puppies
Callie-from Westchester-puppies-and-kittens

“We are so Happy”

Bernese Mountain Dog


“We are so Happy again!”
Westchester-puppies-reviews-July2  Westchester-puppies-reviews-July


2nd batch of Moose and Bugsy (English Bulldog)…they are good together…thxs again

“He is the best!”
Hi. I know your probably sick of me bothering you guys. Just wanted to let you know little Bowen is doing so well. He’s very popular everywhere we go. He’s such a love bug and very funny. Anyway we love him. I’m glad I found you guys. It will make my search easier if we decide to get another puppy in the future.
Happy Customer

Westchester Puppies Reviews

I wanted to write you a quick thank you note for all your help with the purchase of our new family puppy.  The boston terrier you guys had is just the sweetest thing EVER.  When we walked in, the guy working there knew all about us and what we were looking for.  Apologies, I forgot his name…but he was a huge help, very honest and happy to help us out!  My son was so over the moon excited when he walked into the house and there was a brand new puppy waiting for him.  He has decided on the name Lincoln for our new family member!

What a great experience you have all made this for my family.  A HUGEEEEEE thank you from us to you!
Thank you so much,
Nicole Gomez

Another Review for Westchester Puppies and Kittens
We got our little Bartholomew from you several years ago, and he desperately wants a friend.  Thanks so much!

Awesome Reviews for Westchester puppies and kittens store

This is Yoda, we bought him from Westchester puppies and kittens and we are very pleased with their help!
We visited the store once in the beginning of our process to get a cat into our house hold, and we felt that they would do their best to help us further.
We are living in Brazil so we needed their help sending pictures on kittens, their background and ages.
After we were done with our choice they made sure that all the paperwork and shots he needed would be done before he left USA and entered his new country as soon as possible he was allowed after the vaccinations.
They left him at Newark airport and gave us updated information so we could pick him up at the airport in South America.
I got a lot of advice from Stitch through email how I should help the kitten to feel secure after the long flight and in his new environment.

We are very happy with this little beauty and in short term we will start the process to bring him a new little friend from Westchester Puppy store.

/ Katarina

Westchester-Coco Westchester-Coco-movie
Hi Alex and Stitch,   Thank you for the paper. I will download and read. Yes you have our correct address.  Here are a few pics and videos. Coco is enrolled in obedience training so keeping our fingers crossed. Lol.

Thank you
Charlene and Art

Simi and Mimi bond big time!
Happy Customer Review


Dear Stitch, Just an update on the kitten.  She is lovely and is settling in.  The other two male kittens are enchanted and there is no hissing.  thank you for your help, we will send you updates.  Florence


Puppy Reviews from Happy Customers

Just wanted to say my girlfriend and I love our little boy !! He is awesome and a big thank you to everyone at westchester puppies! !!!!!!!


Reviews from Westchester
Alex! I LOVE this kitten!! Thank you SO much.   I was under the worst stress and was in a bad place. You were very kind and helpful.
I’ve attached a picture of Jameson. The super cute cat.
We’ll be in for a puppy next!!
Barbara Weiss


Westchester Puppies Reviews Pictures  Westchester Puppies Reviews Image

I am happy to report that the kitten you sold me is thriving in her happy forever home. She is growing up so fast! She loves her new home and is being spoiled and loved. Her personality is really coming out now. She loves to play. Anything that moves under a blanket is her favorite game, especially if there is a tunnel made with the blanket that she can crawl and hide under.

I have begun teaching her tricks and training her. So far, she has learned the word “no” and comes when she is called. She can also sit up on command. She has mastered every smart toy I have provided her. Next, we will try “down” and “roll over”. She is a very smart and loving kitty and I am grateful to have her.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I’ve attached.

Thank you for this special little companion!

Pat Pearson


I wanted to surprise you with the attached training video. Zelda Grace is so smart, she has learned the commands “up” and “high five”!

I’ve rescued dogs all my life but I am now of an age that requires less vigor. That is why I chose a cat to be my new life buddy. Since I trained my dogs, I wondered if I would be able to get into a cat’s mind and train it. Zelda proved that to be true.

The video was shrunk in size because of size constraints, but I think there’s enough for you to see the 2 commands she has learned so far. Enjoy!

Thanks again. I love her so much!

Pat Pearson

Westchester-Puppies-and-kittens-Lexi-Image Westchester-Puppies-and-kittens-Lexi-Image Westchester-Puppies-and-kittens-Lexi-Image Westchester-Puppies-and-kittens-Lexi-Image

Hi this is Jill,and sending you pictures of Lexie

Westchester Puppies and Kittens Reviews Blue
Hi guys
This is blue.. My friend want one that kinda has this look not so much like that first pic but the 2nd kittens picture I’ll send her… My guys like a dog locked in a cats body.. He’s unreal. I can’t thank you enough


Westchester and puppies Maltese and yorkie mix

Hi. My husband and I visited the store today. We ended up getting a “MORKIE”; Maltese and Yorkie mix. He’s absolutely gorgeous, energetic, playful, little, and lovable. We love him so much.Thank you. Here’s a picture of my son holding our new addition to our family.

Westchester Kitten
Jinx is a great kitten….happy and healthy.

-L. Wojcik

Westchester Reviews Britannah Kittens

Got a picture of a Britannah you sold to someone in Brooklyn. They love her.


Louie form Westchester Puppies and Kittens Louie form Westchester Puppies and Kittens Image

This is Louie
Thank you,
Jessica Tracy

Westchester Dachshund PuppiesGood afternoon Stitch,
I am so happy with (Winnie) she is the sweetest little baby ever. She slept through the night without waking up. She definitely has filled my home with puppy love.
Stitch your staff were so good with me they gave me all the information i needed. And were very informative. I will definitely recommend you guys to my family and friends.
Thank you and all your staff.
I. Arias


Reviews of Westchester Puppies and Kittens Reviews of Westchester Puppies and Kittens Reviews of Westchester Puppies and Kittens

I’ve attached some pictures of her, since you were sincere in being concerned that Zelda Grace was healthy.

Please know that your store, especially Stitch, made the sale transaction a smooth one and I’ve put out a positive review online. He’s a very nice man.

Thank you!

Patricia Pearson

Westchester Reviews Pekepoo

Thank you for helping us to get this little cutie, we named her Holly.
Julie Buffum

Macho from Westchester Puppies and Kittens Macho Westchester Puppies and Kittens Reviews Macho from Westchester Puppies and Kittens

I just wanted to send you some pictures of Macho the Morkie we bought from you back in November. We love him and he is so sweet, smart…and spoiled!!
The Dowd’s

Buster from Westchester puppies
Hi from Buster!!! Born 5/15/13

Dexter from Westchester Puppies and kittens Dexter from Westchester Puppies and kittens-image

Thank you, Dexter makes me so happy!

Zelda the kitten from Westchester Puppies Westchester Puppies Zelda Kitten

Hello, stitch! I just wanted to contact you to let you know that I named the little gray scottish fold kitten you shipped to me. Her personality real came out over the past week. She is very playful but also brave. When she hears noises she runs toward it to investigate instead of running from it. That includes the Roomba that she follows around the room! I’ve attached pictures.

So, her name is Zelda (gray warrior) Grace (for her gentle, cuddly side). She seems to like it.

She is so smart! I’ve trained her “up”. I use treats (just cat food) and hand placement above her head until she’s in a sitting position. Today though, we decided to focus on the new toy she got. I’ve attached pics. She learned quickly how to use it! Lol

I hope you aren’t buried in snow and that the animals are ok. Stay warm!

Westchester Puppies Our Reviews Image Westchester Puppies Reviews Image

Here’s a picture of Norris from MA, relaxing on the couch.

Bella from Westchester Puppies
Our new dog Bella, right at home, Thank You, Thank You…

Westchester Reviews ZeldaUnder Covers Westchester Kittens Zelda Sleeping Picture Westchester Kittens Zelda Playing Picture


I wanted you to know that today I officially named her Zelda Grace. Zelda means gray warrior. Grace is for her feminine side. Zelda wasn’t on my long list of suggested names but it suits her. Most cats run from noise or disruptive devices but she runs toward them just like a guard dog! She has already brought me such joy! Thank you!

I’ve attached pictures just for fun.

-Patricia Pearson

Westchester Kitty has landed Kitten reviews happy customer Kitten reviews happy customer Kitten reviews from the most happiest customer

You, my friends, have unleashed a holy terror! Haha. Kitty arrived safe and sound and cried all the way home. I thought at first it would be because she had to go potty but turns out she was very hungry. I gave her a couple of teaspoons of wet food but started her with a few Blue brand kitty niblets. I was laughing my ass off because she thought she had to stand in the water bowl to eat from the food bowl. Lol

Before she ate, she became acquainted with her litter box, a scratching post, ribbons that I have hanging from the ceiling, and some feathered toys. She talked the whole time she was exploring, almost as if she were approving or disapproving of her findings. I think she told me to rearrange a couple of pieces of furniture to her liking. Now she is running around this big 17’x24′ room, checking in with me from time to time. I can tell she’s near because I hear her purring.

I’ve attached a few bad pictures. I’ll send some more and selfies once she settles down a bit but for now, she is queen of the jungle!

Thank you doesn’t even come close…


Cody Westchester Kittens Reviews Cody_Kitten Kitten
Stitch, Cody is has been a great addition to our household. He is so Meeeeeeeoooowsweet and irresistible. I am so elated that he and our Sagie have become buddies! I have one last visit to the vet and he’ll be up with all his vaccinations. My husband and I are so pleased with him! He is a Divine Beast. I shall continue to send you pictures if you don’t mind! By the way, how is that kitty that we were going to adopt initially doing? I think of him from time to time.Raven Haber
I love my dog. Scot. He is just toooo cute and a good boy…..
Westchester Reviews
This is our French bull dog we bought from you love him
January 5th, 2016
-Carlan Whelan
French Bulldog Image French Bulldog Image2 IMG_0627


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