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Gennifer Geller
September 10th 2015


Westchester Puppy Reviews
Hi there!

We bought an english bulldog puppy from you a little over a year ago. He was a little sick and had some hernia issues and you all were so great in helping us. His name is Gus and he has become my best friend. His little personality and silly faces crack me up every day. I have some health issues that affect my nerves and joints and he is, by far, my best medicine. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Gus was meant to be in our family and we love him to pieces!
My question is – do you have any female english bulldog puppies? I would like to give Gus a little sister to play with and of course, take naps with! I don’t want a mini bulldog, but a regular sized english bulldog. Please let me know if you have any and pictures, if you could!
Thanks in advance,
Melissa Edwards (and Gus)


Westchester-Puppies-Kitten-Reviews Westchester-Puppies-Kitten-Reviews_5
Akasha is her name she is doing very well she’s eating good the vet is very pleased with her health and I am super happy I will not change anything about her I’m in love

Hi –

I purchased our Frenchie, Pierre, in November of 2014 and he just turned one-year-old this August. Just wanted to share some photos and let you know that Pierre is happy and healthy. He has been the most wonderful puppy (with a hilarious and sweet personality) and the greatest addition to our family. Thank you!

-Allison Collins
August 12th 2015


Image of Kittens

July 27th 2015

Thankful all again for our precious kitties.

As you can see they are adorable and have become best friends, just like we hoped. Thank you for all your help and patience. We really appreciate all the time you gave us until we were able to make it all happen.
Good luck helping more families have the joy of a wonderful pet.

All the best,
The Hammer Family

Westchester Puppies Reviews

I called yesterday to ask a question when Stitch (apologies if I got your name wrong)
We spoke about the cat we got from you guys. He said send a picture so here it is!!!! We love her!!!

Coming up soon to get more vitamins and a new mouse toy.

Louise Cassanova
July 17th, 2015

Westchester-Puppies-Reviews Puppy review image
Thank you!

Here’s a cpl pics of our baby River, thank you for bringing us together ??

-Sheva Hersh

July 11th 2015

Bengal Kitten Westchester Kittens

Bengal Kitten

My Bengal kitten is always playing, swimming and fetching. She is very energetic and a joy to have around and is going to turn 2 years old this august! For the Abyssinians, I am glad that they are several to choose from. I am planning to go on vacation in a week until August. I wanted to confirm that you sold this breed at your store, so I could purchase one in about a month. Of course, I do not expect the exact same kittens, but a confirmation that these types of cats are available. I would like to come in on a day in August to meet these lovely kittens.

-Amanda Valdegas
June 25th 2015

Westchester Puppy Reviews

Hi, I adopted the white boxer last night. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! She is a sweetheart and has already brought SO MUCH JOY into our home. We lost my husband last month, my kids are only 11 & 8. She has changed the whole feeling of our home now. Before we were sad, depressed and quiet. Now I hear laughter and A LOT of playing LOL. The moment my kids met her, they fell in love. It is so wonderful to see smiles and happiness again. I can not thank you all enough!! Especially Alex and Stitch for all their help and for staying late for me. ~The Monigan Family ??
Robin Monigan
August 14th 2015

Westchester Kitten Review

Resting a bit…Playing with nerdy game…Waiting for food ready…on top of keeping warm and sleep!

Bernard R Jordan

June 11th 2015

Westchester Puppy Reviews Image
Hey. I got this cutie from you a little over a year ago. I spoke with Lauren yesterday. I am interested in getting a boy. Black, blue, or TRI. Can you send me some photos and keep me posted. Thanks!
Conal A. Schaller
May 13th 2015

Westchester puppy reviewd og kittens image
Hello! This is Bartholomew Kathmandu Gurley – we bought him from you just over two years ago, and heโ€™s sticking his tongue out because heโ€™s sick and tired of not having a friend to pal around with. ๐Ÿ™‚ Any chance you have any Himalayan kittens around? Please let me know, and thanks very much!
-Hilary Gurley
May 13th 2015

Hennesy White Review

This is our Westchester Puppies and Kittens baby…..Thx for everything.
May 1st 2015

Frenchie Puppy
Hi,We bought a frenchie from you guys last November, and she is loving life! I attached a picture of our little girl lily!
Greg Kroohs

Cute Kitten Review image

Yes I was, and was able to bring home the cutest little girl! The staff on duty was very nice and helpful, and the overall experience was very pleasant. Not to mention our little kitten has been adjusting extremely well! Thank you so much!-Erin Valente

April 22nd 2015

Bengal Kitten Image

I purchased a Bengal kitten from you in early December and I wanted to let you know that he is doing quite well. I named him Zinger as he loves to Zing around the house going over or under everything. He is a very affectionate kitten and loves to sit with me when I get home from work. His favorite game is fetch and he will drop one of his toys in my lap and wait for me to toss it somewhere. He will track it down and bring it back to my lap. He also does this with about anything he can get a hold of such as bottle caps, scraps of paper, and even a spoon! I am very happy with Zinger and my Vet found him to be in excellent health. He will be scheduled for neutering soon.
David Carlson
April 18th 2015

P.S. Yuki means lucky snow, as he is a snow Bengal we are lucky to have him. Yali means snow queen, so her name is obvious. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dear Deb and Lauren,

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the my new family. Here is a picture of me sitting on one of my two condos. My family is very loving. My mom already took me to the doctor for a shot yesterday. I screamed and I think she got really sad. But I am ok now…

I eat and take my vitamins and play with my toys. I have a brother sister who seem to like me also. They are always sniffing me. LOL. I also have a new cousin named Teddy. My mom’s sister adopted him a few years back. He is a chocolate shih tzu. Mom gives me lots of kisses and hugs. I think dad is a little jealous but I don’t care because it feels really good. Mom likes for me to pose and take pictures, so don’t be surprised if you get more pictures of me. BTW…mom found a store in NJ that sells my food.

Bye for now. Gotta go groom myself.

Jimmy Choo
(typed by mom, Hollis Darby)


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