Scottish Fold Kittens

Scottish Fold kittens are most notoriously known for their unique ears and wide-eyed expression. The ears are folded downwards and the eyes are large and round. Scottish Fold kittens come in a variety of colors, patterns and coat types including long haired and short haired varieties.

Scottish Fold kittens are very sweet, silent and highly affectionate in nature. They are not known to vocalize often but when they do, their voices are distinctively soft. They do not require a tremendous amount of exercize but the activity level varies with each kitten. It is said that the Scottish Folds with heavier British Shorthair ancestry are known to be more placid than the kittens of mostly American Shorthair ancestry.

Despite the name, not all Scottish Fold kittens have folded ears. The kittens are all born with straight ears and they only begin to fold at three weeks of age with some kittens’ ears remaining straight even into adulthood. The aesthetic look of the ears has no affect on the temperament of the kitten. A straight eared Scottish Fold kitten makes just as wonderful of a pet as one with folded ears.

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