Bengal Kittens

Bengal kittens are very active, vocal, intelligent, alert and agile. Bengals have the tendency to emulate their owners by physically copying what they do. In fact, it is not unusual for these clever kitties to learn how to open doors, cupboards and windows. Bengals are also lovers of water and enjoy playing in water dishes, bathtubs and paddling pools. Bengal kittens are extremely sociable and friendly and they are considered very “dog-like” in personality so much so that they actually enjoy being taken for walks on a leash just like a puppy.

Bengal kittens need lots of attention and stimulation from their owners. They are especially happy with lively families…the more stimulation, the better, so Bengal kittens are great with other pets as well as children of all ages.

Bengal cats are stunning to look at, with their wildcat markings, huge oval eyes and agile, muscular bodies. They come in various, unique colors and marbling markings which make these kittens a work of art.

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